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The 1L Success Academy

You Earned Your Law School Scholarship .. Now What?

What are Attorney Jas and Coach Eb providing?

The Mindset, Proven Results, and Strategy Equipping you to KEEP Your Scholarship

  • Getting Your Life Together BEFORE You Start and DURING Law School

    Your first year of law school is the hardest. As such, time and time again, law students receive their first semester grades and are filled with regrets and lost scholarships. THE GOOD NEWS? We're changing that! We're going to share what it takes to graduate law school with honors.

  • Proven Results: Nothing but Facts!

    Coach Eb and Attorney Jas, two young black female attorneys, were classmates that helped each other succeed and as such, went on to graduate law school with honors and pass the bar after the very first try. #BlackGirlMagic WILL YOU DO THE SAME?

  • Want Something Done? Ask Us How!

    We're providing STRATEGY and giving plenty of EXAMPLES: teaching you how to case brief, create and stay accountable to your study schedule, teaching you how to outline, study for finals, create effective relationships, secure internships and a lot more!

Course curriculum

The 1L Success Academy Lessons, Homework Assignments, Discussions, and More!


A Whole Lot of #BlackGirlMagic

  • Ebony  Brown, Esq.

    1L Success Academy Coach

    Ebony Brown, Esq.

    Young Attorney, Magna Cum Laude (Top 6%) Mercer Law Graduate, Former Student Writing Editor of Mercer's Law Review, Former Academic Success Coordinator for Mercer's Black Law Student Association, and Recipient of more than $78,000 in Outside Law School Scholarships.
  • Jasmin Robinson

    Your Law School Coach

    Jasmin Robinson

    Jasmin A. Robinson, Esq., or Attorney Jas as many call her, is an attorney, author, law school coach, spiritreneur, and wife. Attorney Jas is a Cum Laude graduate of Mercer University School of Law and Summa Cum Laude graduate of Hampton University. Born and raised in Richmond, Va, Attorney Jas knew the legal profession was in her future and as a result, founded Jas Talks Law, LLC, shortly after passing the Georgia Bar exam, to enhance cultural diversity in the legal field. Moreover, Attorney Jas practices Entrepreneurship Law on a part-time basis.

Are You Worth the 1L Success Academy Investment? Yes!

Good Grades Lead to Good Internships which Leads to Good Employment.

Two Young Black Female Attorneys Walking You Through Your First Semester of Law School

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  • What is the 1L Success Academy?

    A Jas Talks Law masterclass hosted by Attorney Jas and Coach Eb which was created to enhance first-year law students' classroom performance.

  • When is the 1L Success Academy launching?

    July 2018.

  • What does the price include?

    Access to all of the video lessons, communication with Attorney Jas and Coach Eb, membership in the #TalkLaw Community, the 1L Success Academy Workbook, all handouts and materials, peace of mind, encouragement, and more!

  • Can pre-law, second, and third-year law students participate?

    Yes, but we're tailoring the Academy to first-year law students.

  • Can I ask Attorney Jas and Coach Eb questions directly?

    Yes. You will be able to submit questions to Attorney Jas and Coach Eb directly.