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The 1L Success Academy

Walking you through your first year of law school.


Have you received your law school acceptance letter? 

Are overwhelmed because you don't know what to do next? 

Are you struggling to find housing or worried because you don't know anyone in your new "home?" 

Have you begun your first semester of law school only to feel completely lost 

Have you tried to figure things out on your own? 

Only to find your further behind than when you started

 Are you finding it nearly impossible to get through the course material and homework assignments?  

Are you afraid you’ll lose your scholarship if you can’t keep your grades up? 

Have you researched 1L resources but don’t know who to trust

Here's the good news:

As a recent law school grad, I know what you’re going through.   

My first semester of law school was one of the toughest things I’ve ever gone through, and I have heard the same from countless students. 

But I pushed through and made it through to the other side: Esquire

I’m here to tell you if I made it through law school, you can too!  

And - you won’t have to go through hell to get there. 

After my experience in law school, figuring out how to get through my classes, keep my scholarship, and having a good experience, I knew I had to do something! 

That’s why I created this course: 

To help law students in similar shoes.

Whether you’re getting ready for school, beginning classes, struggling to get through the middle of the semester, or getting ready for your first round of finals .. 

this course is the best resources getting you motivated and prepared to succeed in your first year of law school.

What's Included in the 1L Success Academy?

Everything in this course was created with the busy law student in mind. And the best part is that the things in this course have been tried and tested ... and they WORK!

Each lesson will go through EVERYTHING on this list, and you'll also have access to workbooks, homework assignments, checklists, and even a LAW SCHOOL OUTLINE!

  • Need-to-Know Law School Basics

  • How to have the Proper Law School Mindset

  • How to Manage your Time to Maximize your Study Time and set Yourself up to Succeed

  • How to Study the Right Way and Build the Right Relationships

  • How to Utilize One of your MOST IMPORTANT Law School Resources: PROFESSORS

  • How to Outline and Why you NEED TO take Practice Exams

  • How to Prepare for and Take your Law School Exams

  • BONUS: Monthly coaching calls and weekly texts!

Check out what our Past Students have to Say

Attorney Jas is truly a barrier-breaker in the law field. Her Personal Statement Workbook finally got me through my writer's block. The 1L Success Academy was super helpful as well.

As the first law student and future lawyer in my family, I was so afraid of law school. The 1L Success Academy cleared up a lot of my confusion and even answered questions I didn't know I had. Any person considering law school should take advantage of her services!
– Kadeja T. 

“Attorney Jas was my personal accountability partner. She kept my focus and helped me push through during stressful times. She made sure my spirits were always high and always reaffirmed to me that I was capable. From studying for the LSAT to drafting the perfect personal statement, Jasmin was there to coach me through it all. 

The services she offers are unmatched, and by taking advantage of them, I was able to obtain a $96,000 scholarship to law school! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and I can’t wait to join her 1L success academy to get me prepared for my first year of law school. Thank you, Jasmin, for everything!”
 — Breanna M.

Two Young Black Female Attorneys

Walking You Through Your First Semester of Law School

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A Whole Lot of #BlackGirlMagic

  • Jasmin Robinson

    Your Law School Coach

    Jasmin Robinson

    Jasmin A. Robinson, Esq., or Attorney Jas as many call her, is an attorney, author, law school coach, spiritreneur, and wife. Attorney Jas is a Cum Laude graduate of Mercer University School of Law and Summa Cum Laude graduate of Hampton University. Born and raised in Richmond, Va, Attorney Jas knew the legal profession was in her future and as a result, founded Jas Talks Law, LLC, shortly after passing the Georgia Bar exam, to enhance cultural diversity in the legal field. Moreover, Attorney Jas practices Entrepreneurship Law on a part-time basis.
  • Ebony  Brown, Esq.

    1L Success Academy Coach

    Ebony Brown, Esq.

    Young Attorney, Magna Cum Laude (Top 6%) Mercer Law Graduate, Former Student Writing Editor of Mercer's Law Review, Former Academic Success Coordinator for Mercer's Black Law Student Association, and Recipient of more than $78,000 in Outside Law School Scholarships.

What else are Attorney Jas and Coach Eb providing in this course?

The Mindset, Proven Results, and Strategy Equipping you to KEEP Your Scholarship

  • How to get your Life Together BEFORE You Start and DURING Law School

    Your first year of law school is the hardest year by far. Time and time again, law students receive their first semester grades and are filled with regrets and lost scholarships. THE GOOD NEWS?We're going to share what it takes to graduate law school with honors.

  • Proven Results: Nothing but Facts!

    Coach Eb and Attorney Jas, two young black female attorneys, were classmates in law school. They helped each other succeed. Both of them went on to graduate law school with honors and pass the bar after the very first try.#BlackGirlMagic


  • Want Something Done? Ask Us How!

    We're providing STRATEGY and giving plenty of EXAMPLES: teaching you how to case brief, create and stay accountable to your study schedule, teaching you how to outline, study for finals, create effective relationships, secure internships and a lot more!

Course curriculum

The 1L Success Academy Lessons, Homework Assignments, Discussions, and More!

Why Law Students are Turning to Jas for Help:

“4% of lawyers are melanin-based in the legal profession is a huge discrepancy, thus speaks volumes to the allusion that racial biases still permeates extensively throughout the US. 

Jasmine’s movement is a much necessary proprietary counter to the overall injustices needed to balance the scales.
— Zakary Y.

My experience with Attorney Jas was amazing! She was very punctual, organized, and helpful. I reached out to her for help with my personal statement, and she went above and beyond to assist.

 She even answered questions regarding the Law School Application Process! I can’t thank her enough!”

"Truly motivating! Attorney Jas understands the importance of the opening line of your personal statement. 

She truly helps you dig deeper and figure out exactly what makes you stand out from your peers and helps you cross the threshold from 'maybe' to 'YES!'”
— Asli

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the 1L Success Academy?

    A Jas Talks Law masterclass hosted by Attorney Jas and Coach Eb which was created to enhance first-year law students' classroom performance.

  • When is the 1L Success Academy launching?

    April 2019.

  • What does the price include?

    Access to all of the video lessons, communication with Attorney Jas and Coach Eb, membership in the #TalkLaw Community, the 1L Success Academy Workbook, all handouts and materials, peace of mind, encouragement, and more!

  • Can pre-law, second, and third-year law students participate?

    Yes, but we're tailoring the Academy to first-year law students.

  • Can I ask Attorney Jas and Coach Eb questions directly?

    Yes. You will be able to submit questions to Attorney Jas and Coach Eb directly. Feel free to send us an email.

Here's an Inside Look of What's Waiting for You

Part 1: Intro to Law School

Starting Law School on the Right Foot: Videos showing you how to develop the proper mindset, a good work/life balance, and why you need to know the reason you are in law school.

Law School Primer: How to take notes, ask questions, speak in class, and study, and why you NEED TO BE ORGANIZED, and why how you act in law school MATTERS. A guide to briefing your law school cases.

Part 2: Playtime is Over

Law School Course Introductions: A detailed explanation about the main courses you’ll be taking in your first year and super helpful tips on how to succeed in your classes and what you should try and get out of these classes.

Study Group Success Tools: Learn how to find the right study group, how to set it up, and the reasons why study groups could be one of the most helpful things you could do to guarantee your success in law school. 

Part 3: Law School Gets Spooky

Midterm Success Guide: We tell you how you can put your best foot forward in one of the most difficult parts of the semester. You’ll find out how to make the most of your classes, how to get a leg up on the students in your class, and how to keep your chin up. 

Guide to Utilizing your Law School Resources: Our three key steps in getting the most out of your professors so you can nail your finals.   

Definitive Guide to Outlining your Law School Classes: HOW to outline, HOW to set up your outline to give you the most success on your final exams, and why YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR OWN OUTLINE.  

Practice Exam Mastery: EVERYTHING you need to know about practice exams, why you need to take practice exams, how you need to take practice exams, and why if you’re not taking practicing exams you need to start – even if you haven’t memorized the law yet.       

Part 4: November - You'll Thank Yourself Later

Law School Exam Basics: I’ll walk through the different kinds of exams, what you need to get ready for when you’re preparing for your first set of finals, and why you need to have an amazing outline that you know front to back before you begin. I’ll show you why you need canned answers and how to use them correctly. 

More Outline Tips and a Pre-Finals Study Schedule: How to spend the last three weeks studying for your exams, how to deal with your family and friends during this time, and why you need to make sure you have your schedule NAILED DOWN. 

Final Exam Attack Strategy: A foolproof way to attack your exams, how to manage your time, and what to do when you’re done with the exams.