Does passing the bar exam worry you?

This is why I am launching pre-launching bar prep coaching:

  • Accountability

    Every two weeks we will have a live coaching call, giving you the motivation, information, and strategies needed to keep you consistent throughout bar prep.

    Moreover, weekly text messages directly from Attorney Jas. You can even text Jas on this personal line whenever you have concerns/doubts/questions.

  • Comprehension

    From the MBE & UBE multiple-choice questions to the state, MPT, and MEE essays, and learning federal v. state law, there are key learning goals and objectives.

    As such, we will ensure you remain focused on properly learning each subject matter, including tips and tricks, study hacks, and more.

  • Mindset & Strategy

    In addition to covering the bar prep basics, we are ensuring you have the proper bar prep mindset throughout your bar prep course.

    As such, we are monitoring your time management, your diet, your exercise regimen, etc. because all of the foregoing correlates to your ability to stay consistent and disciplined while studying for the bar exam.

Bartivity includes an essay workshop, covering essay organization, analysis, and editing. Moreover, during the workshop we will edit your essays on the spot.

Bartivity includes an essay workshop, covering essay organization, analysis, and editing. Moreover, during the workshop we will edit your essays on the spot.

Moreover, Bartivity includes an MBE/UBE workshop, covering each subject, to include strategies and reviewing real questions.

Moreover, Bartivity includes an MBE/UBE workshop, covering each subject, to include strategies and reviewing real questions.

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  • Jasmin Robinson

    Bar Prep Coach

    Jasmin Robinson

    Only 5% of lawyers are black. So, Jasmin A. Robinson, Esq. (or Attorney Jas as many call her), is an entrepreneurship lawyer and law school coach for Jas Talks Law, LLC: a law firm and law school admissions consulting brand created to enhance cultural diversity in the legal field by protecting brands and coaching future lawyers. Attorney Jas is an honors graduate of Mercer University School of Law and the best HBCU ever, Hampton University. Raised in the southside of Richmond, Virginia, and being the first lawyer in her family, Attorney Jas knew she could change the trajectory of diverse future lawyers nationwide. As such, Attorney Jas authored “From Maybe to Yes: Your Law School Personal Statement Workbook'' and “From Yes to Yassss: Your Law School Diversity Statement Workbook.” Furthermore, she launched three online courses: the Pre-Law Masterclass, 1L Success Academy, and Bartivity. Lastly, she provides one-on-one coaching services to future lawyers. As a result of her programs, her Future Lawyers have received over $3,000,000 in law school scholarships, graduated law school with honors, and passed the bar exam.
  • El-Elyon Appahoh

    Bar Prep Instructor

    El-Elyon Appahoh

    El-Elyon Esq. is a Bar Exam Coach and licensed attorney in New York dedicated to helping aspiring lawyers achieve their dreams by mastering a fearless approach to conquering their law exams in the UK, US, and beyond. She is driven by a passion for bridging the gap and promoting a cultural shift in today’s archaic legal profession.
  • Jazmyn Knight

    Bar Prep Instructor

    Jazmyn Knight

    Jazmyn Knight was born and raised in Columbus, OH. She responsibly pursued a sound undergraduate education and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. She graduated from Fisk as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Lambda Iota Tau, Summa Cum Laude, and a member of the W.E.B. Dubois Honor Program. Before law school, Jazmyn volunteered her time tutoring economically disadvantaged children through both the Big Sister Lil Sister Program and the Women of Perfection Organization. While tutoring economically disadvantaged children, she realized she wanted to serve the black community by participating in the mainstream culture in a way that would both serve as a role model for and permit her to give an active voice to a minority who are both under-represented in the legal community and who are sometimes exploited by our judicial system. Throughout her law school career at Capital University Law School, Jazmyn worked diligently on improving herself academically, spiritually, and culturally. While in law school, she received various awards, including the Floyd D. Weatherspoon Endowed Scholarship for Equal Justice, the David D. White Scholarship, and John Mercer Langston Bar Association Scholarship. She has served as an instructor teaching students from underserved communities about the court system, criminal procedure, constitutional rights, and the Law and Leadership Institute appeals process. Additionally, she has worked as a law clerk for Chris Harbold & Associates, interviewing clients, conducting legal research, writing memos, answering incoming calls, and filing legal documents. Jazmyn served as the Director of Fair Housing and the Director of Equal Employment Division for the Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity. She was responsible for enforcing both the Georgia Fair Housing Law and Georgia Fair Employment Practices Act, managing the fair housing and employment divisions, and investigating complex cases involving allegations of unlawful discrimination in housing and employment for Georgia. Currently, she works at the Public Defender’s Office, providing quality representation to indigent clients charged with felonies. Additionally, as Georgia Bar Prep Private Tutoring Consultant, she selectively has the added task of providing critical instruction and support to students preparing for the bar exam.


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  • When will bar prep coaching begin?

    Our first coaching call will be at the end of May. The exact date will be provided once we confirm everyone’s graduation date and/or bar prep course start date.

  • Does Bartivity replace a bar prep course?

    No. Bartivity is an supplement to your course. As such, all students should be enrolled in a bar prep course.

  • Is bar prep coaching limited to certain states?

    No matter the jurisdiction you're taking the bar exam in, we got you covered.

  • Can I enroll even if I am not taking the bar exam just yet?

    Yes. Bartivity enrollment comes with lifelong access.